01. False Astronomy
02. Flare (Cascade Cut)
Senpai! ;w; Could you show us a way to do GIFs!

^.~ I got you

Three steps!

*Always download 720p or above*

  1. Crop your image to a width with exactly 500px (height can be anything, but I usually use a range between 180px and 210px)image
  2. Since I make all of mine black and white, I desaturate first. But you can skip that and go ahead and use color adjustments such as levels, my favorite (this step makes your gifs pop out. the way a gif is colored makes it “nicer;” here, I desaturated and used the level adjustments AND also made his eyes colored—there is a separate tut for this in my links section, I think :s )image
  3. Add a texture right on top :]image

The rest is up to you.

~the speed of the gif

~the transition when it replays over again


~your number of frames

~sharpening the gif to make it look crisp and clear (but usually, adjusting the levels already makes it sharper automatically)

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